Our Services

Core services Principles 

Core Services:
The service provided by Akaba Social will be guided by the following principles:
• Promoting the independence, choice, dignity, privacy, respect and participation of clients and their Carers
• Acknowledging and respecting a client gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental health ability, race, religion, culture, social background and lifestyle
• Promoting Service User choice, and seeking to maximise the autonomy of the client to have the optimum control over their own lives and the Service provided
• Recognising the rights and responsibilities of clients, including the right to take positive risks
• Planning and providing the Service in partnership with: Clients, their Carers, families, friends or advocates, and other independent and statutory agencies, to ensure that the Service responds sensitively and flexibly to individual needs
• Ensuring that the client health is monitored and promoted
• Working in a collaborative and coordinated way with other Providers (both statutory, voluntary and independent) of health and welfare services.
• The service that is provided within an environment of personal dignity and respect


    Rollstuhlfahrerin auf Wiese  carer with senior patient

Core Service inputs:

Tenancy: Tenancies & Accommodation provided by Akab Uk Ltd (A social Housing group) if Required

Core Support provided by Akaba Social UK Ltd:

• Help in setting up and maintaining home or tenancy
• Developing domestic/life skills and/or supervising or monitoring medication
• Developing social skills/ behaviour management
• Advice, advocacy and liaison and/or peer support and befriending
• Help in managing finances and benefit claims
• Help in gaining access to other services
• Help in establishing social contacts and activities
• Help in establishing personal safety and security
• Supervision and monitoring of health and well-being
• Help finding other accommodation and liaison with external agencies
• Provision of community or social alarms
• Help maintaining the safety and security of the dwelling
• Assistance with Cleaning of own rooms

Risk assessment
• Advice and support on repair work/home improvement work
• Support with shopping, errand running and good neighbour tasks
• Liaison and advocacy support from the same ethnic group
• Culture-specific counselling/emotional support and access to local community organisations
• Signposting to culture specific legal services (provided through Nathan Aaron Soliciotrs)
• Signposting to culture specific health/treatment services


        Home Health Care

Main Extra Support Service Inputs:
• Assisting individuals to engage in Employment and Training Opportunities
• Monitor and Prevent Vulnerability to Exploitation ongoing practical and emotional support
• Facilitate and enable people to develop peer support networks.
• Meal preparation and cleanup
• Shopping
• Hands on Personal hygiene and grooming
• Dressing and undressing
• Feeding
• Functional transfers
• Moving and Handling
• Medication (where approved)

Main Specialist Inputs:
• Addressing Verbal Aggressive Behaviour and Abuse to Persons Anger Management Support
• Addressing Physical Aggressive Behaviour and Violence to persons/property Anger Management Support
• Monitoring and Preventing Self Harm
• Addressing Substance Misuse/Abuse Issues
• Psychosocial Interventions
• Intervene in a proactive way in order to prevent and alleviate any crisis and promote independence.
• Specialist Rehabilitation (Personality Disorders)
• Health interventions as required