Service – users

Our Approach

Person Centred Approach will mean:
• the person is at the centre;
• family members and friends are full partners
• person centred planning reflects a personal abilities and what is important to the person (now and for the future);
• person centred planning builds a shared commitment to action which recognises peoples choices;
• People centred planning leads to continual listening, learning, action and help to get what they want out of life.
• Promotion of personalisation and individual budgets where applicable or able

Promoting Independence
Akaba Social UK Ltd will strive to promote the enablement of clients in all its service delivery. Enablement proposes a continuous, systematic approach to service delivery with a specific focus on anticipatory care and the provision of the means, opportunity and empowerment to attain life choices. The emphasis is on self and lifestyle management through health and wellbeing improvement and health and social promotion. This also means supporting people who can use community services including culture and leisure services, lifelong learning opportunities and voluntary agencies services as appropriate.



Promoting inclusion
Akaba Social has a clear service user involvement policy that outlines our commitment to the involvement of clients in every aspect of designing, delivering, developing and reviewing service delivery.

Akaba Social encourages involvement in all aspects of service delivery, including but not exclusively, client involvement throughout our recruitment and selection procedure, as well as planning services by contributing to evaluation, for example involvement in service user involvement groups.

We strive to offer service users opportunities to live happy and fulfilling lives, both in their home and local community by facilitating meaningful activities which cover a range of basic life skills, occupations and leisure activities. A wide range is available dependent upon individual interest and need, including social activities and hobbies, living skills and personal care, creative and therapeutic activities, sport and leisure, supported paid or voluntary employment, further education and other learning opportunities.

Holistic Approach
The needs of learning disabled people, Mental Health clients often span more than one care or service systems, and consequently many different agencies or sectors must be involved in the provision of Domiciliary & supported living or community-based care, including health, social care, housing, education, employment, transport, leisure, criminal justice and social security. Akaba Social employ a holistic approach in the care of clients across both Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. A holistic service approach is one which:

• promotes social inclusion
• respects cultural diversity
• is committed to working with families and carers
• is committed to working within a multi-disciplinary and multi-skilled framework
• normalises cross-agency partnership working, and
• promotes holistic interventions and support

Akaba Social will ensure networks are established with and for clients to ensure that a holistic service is provided across all aspects of a clients life